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    Published date: 16-05-2018

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    Description for "Momentive Boron Nitride Coating"
    Boron Nitride coatings provide the benefits of BORON NITRIDE'S excellent lubricity, non-wetting, and high temperature stability in an easy-to-apply medium for a wide range of applications.

    Boron Nitride as Release Agents, Lubricants, and Protective Coatings
    Boron Nitride Coating remains lubricious and inert even at extremely high temperatures. Coatings made with Boron Nitride prevent sticking to increase the life of dies/molds, improve product surface finishes, and reduce production times.

    Boron Nitride Coating in Metal Processing
    In molten metal processing and metalformingapplications, BN coatings protect surfaces which come into contact with hot and molten metals. BN inhibits corrosion and chemical attack and provides easier release and longer mold/die life. Applications include casting, stamping, forging, extrusion, and powder metallurgy.

    Boron Nitride Coating in Glass Making
    Boron Nitride's high temperature lubricating properties make it ideal in glass making, where it helps to minimize surface defects, improves mold/die life and release, and reduces clean-up time. Most glass formulations will not stick to Boron Nitride Coating.

    Boron Nitride Coating in Plastic / Rubber
    Producers of injection-molded plastics and elastomers benefit from Boron Nitride in die and molding applications. Boron Nitride Coating improves die release and increases production speeds.

    Boron Nitride Coating for Sintering
    Sintering of metallic and ceramic powders is typically done on graphite plates. Boron Nitride Coating can essentially eliminate carbon contamination, reactivity, and sticking -all of which can occur at sintering temperatures.

    Welding and Brazing
    Boron nitride coatings are ideal for welding and furnace brazing. They protect surfaces from weld spatter and provide superior stop-off protection. Boron Nitride Coating also protect MIG/MAG welding nozzles from weld spatter

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